Solar Benefits


Pakistan is an energy deficient developing country with the short fall of power output of around 6500MV in the form of load shedding, which meets most of its energy demands through import. The economic growth requires energy supply. The energy consumption in the country reached 65.5 MTOE . Despite the fact that electricity sector consumes large amounts of economic, social and environmental resources, still it plays a major role in promoting economic and social development in any nation. The total installed generation capacity in Pakistan. Energy sources in power generation in Pakistan and shows that natural gas contributes a major share, 50.8 % in power generation in the country, followed by oil 15.8 %, hydro 30%, nuclear 2.3 %, and coal only 1.2 %. According to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, indigenous crude oil meets 18 percent of total demand; the remaining 82 percent of demand is met through imports of crude oil, high-speed diesel, and fuel oil.