In 2015, JCE Japan Solar Company entered in the Solar Energy business. JCE is currently a complete enterprise integrating Resource and Development, production application and sales of solar photo voltaic products. All the products of the company have passed the CE, TUV and UL certification. Company’s professional and technical staff will give the customers comprehensive guidance, and help them in installation and operation procedures. JCE is part of one of the most popular group known as HFC which includes many other companies  like DAIKO, RAS, JES, ESI, AQUA UTILITY & MTECH under them.

JCE Vision

The vision of the company is to make the lives lighter by bringing solar power to every home. The idea is to regulate a plan which will reduce the electricity expenses and also help to generate extra units to sell them and get paid eventually.

 Why SOLAR Energy is use full?

Energy plays such a vital role in our lives that we cannot even imagine our lives without it. All of our actions are dependent on energy. The level of complexity of energy system is that it depends on a lot of factors like economic structure, income level, climate conditions, natural resources and technical inventions. The demand of energy has always been increasing; the growth rate in developing countries is higher than in developed countries. Developing countries meet their energy demands through import. They face many challenges while supplying the energy and setting up the energy prices. Energy price is the major influential factor that affects the economic development and growth; past few years have shown a rapid growth in energy prices. Population, living standards, and rapid urbanization also affect the energy demand.

Our Partners