Future Electricity Demand

The future electricity demand has been forecasted by various researches. These researches show that more the country grow or it’s population increases, more will be the demand for electricity. It’s been forecasted that in coming two years total energy requirements would increase by 48% in Pakistan . And even the continuity will not stop here, it will increase more.

In one month, Pakistan is producing 25000 MW which is one of the lowest supplies in the world. About 68% of our country’s population lives in rural areas and most of them have no access to commercial energy. The demand for energy in Pakistan is 17000MW and the supply is 25000MW and in future it will further increase.

Why Solar System is Beneficial for Pakistan?

Pakistan has a very good overall solar-energy potential. The average daily insolation rate is approximately 5.3 kWh/m2. Especially the southwestern province of Baluchistan offers excellent conditions for harnessing solar energy. There the sun shines for 8 to 8.5 hours daily, or approximately 2,500 hours per annum. Solar energy is much economical choice for Pakistan as compared to wind or thermal energy. It is safer, maintenance free, and noise free. Availability of solar energy is quite adequate and responsive to the varying energy demand over the year.

Solar power is cost effective as on the one hand it lowers the household bills and on the other hand it has a long lasting life. Solar system is tax free and it is produced in more healthy environment and eventually it does not pollute the atmosphere.