Chairman Message

Looking at the current state stability of Pakistan’s economic situation, politics, exchange rate, etc.

I think that it is very unstable, and management thinks there is a big risk. However, we are starting a solar business, aiming for economic development in Pakistan. The goal is to promote solar power generation and to provide people with a better life.

According to our experience, business that cannot give people happiness never grows big.

(Water, electricity, gas) are necessary for people to live happily. It will not continue to increase in cities that are not in infrastructure (commercial facilities, factories, houses). If infrastructure construction is not improved, economic development will inevitably be canceled. This is the foundation of the economy.

Pakistan’s electricity supply and demand has a big problem. You need them (electric light, water pump, liquid crystal, mobile phone, PC, refrigerator, microwave, air conditioner, and fan).

Electric cars our country is promoting need electricity instead of gasoline, but without electricity, they are all the same as scraps. Pakistan’s power situation will not be improved in the near future.


I am Japanese.

My company works with all Japanese products with Japanese technology.

And I will make a No 1 company where everyone in this country can be happy.